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Cataract extraction surgery instrument set

Price: $300.00
Product Code: MR-21
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Cataract extraction surgery instrument set

  1. MR-O101          Wire Speculum
  2. MR-O221          Iolfixation Hook
  3. MR-O202          Iolfixation Hook
  4. MR-O411          Cautery
  5. MR-I111             Infusion Cannula
  6. MR-I321            Irrigation/Aspiration Cannula
  7. MR-I421            Coaxial I/A Cannula
  8. MR-I203            Infusion Lens Loop
  9. MR-I113            Castroviejo Spatula
  10. MR-F101A        Tissue Forceps
  11. MR-F201A        Tying Forceps
  12. MR-F211A        Tying Forceps
  13. MR-F311A         Intraopcular Lens Forceps
  14. MR-F301A         Corneal Scleral Forceps
  15. MR-H121A        Needle Holder
  16. MR-H201A        Blade Holder Breaker
  17. MR-H301T        Infusion Handpiece

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