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Lacrimal surgery(dacryocystorhinostomy & intubation)instrument set

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Lacrimal surgery(dacryocystorhinostomy & intubation)instrument set

  1. MR-D105    Lacrimal Sac Retractor 3x3 Blunt Prong
  2. MR-L001    West Lacrimal Chisel
  3. MR-L002    West Lacrimal Chisel
  4. MR-L003    West Lacrimal Chisel
  5. MR-L004     Lead Filled
  6. MR-L006     Fascia Needle
  7. MR-L007     Flaxation Hook
  8. MR-L008     Flaxation Hook
  9. MR-L009     Freer Lacrimal Chisel
  10. MR-L010     Freer Lacrimal Chisel
  11. MR-L011     Drews Microscope
  12. MR-L012     Fascia Needle
  13. MR-L013     Fascia Needle
  14. MR-L014     Fascia Needle
  15. MR-L015     Fascia Needle
  16. MR-L106     Bone Nibbling
  17. MR-I602      Bowman
  18. MR-F423     Tissue Forceps 1x2 Teeth

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