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LASIK instrument made of titanium

Price: $480.00
Product Code: MR-13
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LASIK instrument made of titanium

  1.     MR-G143T      Outside Optic Zone Marker
  2.     MR-G142T      Inside Optic Zone Marker
  3.     MR-G141T      Vidaurri Lasik Cannula
  4.     MR-G141T₁    Vidaurri Lasik Cannula
  5.     MR-G140T      Flap Smoother
  6.     MR-G137T      Corneal Epithelium Spatula
  7.     MR-G137T₁    Corneal Epithelium Spatula
  8.     MR-136T         Corneal Epithelium Spatula
  9.     MR-135T         Katzem Lasik Flap Unzipper
  10.     MR-135T₁       Katzem Lasik Flap Unzipper
  11.     MR-134T         Katzem Lasik Flap Unzipper
  12.     MR-G149T      Flap Elevator
  13.     MR-l113T₁      Castrovleso Spatula Double Ended

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