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Feathered: Tri-Wheel Specifications: High speed rotating wheel 3 wheels operating togeth..
Tri-Wheel Handy Lens Edger opml16ale - LED Bulb
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Tumbling E Rechargeable Battery Intergrated Super Light Place yourself 30-40cm from t..
Near Vision Tester LED Back Lighting CP30
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Features KJ5S3 Series hand-held slit lamps are lightweight, ergonomic in design, easy to oper..
Portable Slit Lamp KJS3
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With Pupil Guage, LED lighting sourcing, 3 colors aluminum anodizing pen body. ..
LED Diagnostic penlight - 1 Dozen
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Desktop Phoropter Stand crjg4, This product enable the phoropter uses without a ophthalmic unit..
Desktop Phoropter Stand crjg4 with LED light
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Type: Tumbling E Distance: 2.5m or 5m with pointer Scope: 4.0 - 5.2 Guage: full 5, decimal,..
LED Far Vision Chart FV100
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Angled 45°shafts with 10mm long and 4.5mm tying platforms,0.3mm 1x2 teeth Flat handle ..
TISSUE FORCEPS(Angled 45°shafts with 10mm long and 4.5mm tying platforms)
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Type: Tumbling E + Green Red Balance + Astigmatism Clock Distance: 5m with Pointer Scope..
LED  Far Vision Chart FV200
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Type: Tumbling E, Landolt Ring, Letters Distance: 33cm, 40cm or 25cm  with Pointer ..
LED  Near Vision Chart NV100
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Type: Graphic Distance: 5m with Pointer Scope: 4.0 - 5.2 Guage: full 5, decimal, fract..
LED Far Vision Chart FV300 (Kid)
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4 in 1 Chart Pointer 1. Pen Length: 148mm Extented to 450mm,  2. Weight: 80g includ..
Vision Chart Pointer with case (LED lighting)
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Featured: High Resolution 17 inch LCD Popular Charts Vector optotypes and charts Con..
17 inch Chart LED C901- Linux System
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Characteristics: ·LED cold light source. It is durable enough with the designed serv..
Direct Ophthalmoscope YZ6H
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