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Black Occluder • Length: 24cm • Diameter: 60mm • Made of plastic an..
Black Eye Occluder One Dozen (12 pcs)
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Longnette Pinhole Made of durable high-impact plastic and suitable for any age For Right o..
Longnette Pinhole Occluder One Dozen Set (12 pcs)
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Universal Slit Lamp Oculars attachment, suitable for the slit lamp ocular eyepiece diameter from ..
Slit Lamp Cellphone Adapter - Sleeve Type
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Adapter Diameter: 23.4mm (Universal for all type slit lamps) Length: 51mm ..
Slit Lamp Cellphone Adapter Iphone4 - 10x magnifier
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Featured: wide and long depth of vision field, high resolution ,low magnification. Function:PD ..
Removeable Binocular Loupes FD503G PD one way Adjustable
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PD Ruler with Occluder   Overall PD range: 40mm - 80mm ..
100 pcs/lot PD Ruler with Occluder
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White Occluder • Length: 24cm • Diameter: 60mm • Mad..
White Eye Occluder One Dozen (12 pcs
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Fuzzy Occluder • Length: 24cm • Diameter: 60mm • Made of plastic an..
Fuzzy Occluder (one dozen 12 pcs)
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