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SUS Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner 1.8L

Price: $66.00
Product Code: DSA50-JS2
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SUS Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner 1.8L


  • Use ordinary tap water, alcohol, solvent cleaning;
  • High power transducer cleaning effect significantly, usable macroscopic observation;
  • After cleaning objects shine light;
  • Mechanical timing control boot time;
  • The stainless steel and the lid, bladder, more upscale;
  • Waterproof properties is greatly improved, more safety products last;
  • With constant temperature system with heating.



  • Ultrasonic frequency : 4KHz,
  • The tank material : stainless steel,
  • Capacity : 1.8 L;
  • Time control : mechanical timing 1-30 minutes,
  • Power : AC 110 ~ 120 V, 50/60 Hz/AC 220 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz,
  • Ultrasonic power : 50 W,
  • The tank size :150*137*100mm (L x W x H),
  • Shape dimension : 175*165*200(l*w x H),
  • Net :2kg


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