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Auto Lensmeter JS700

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Auto Lensmeter JS700


The j700 auto lensmeter is applied to measure single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, progressive power lenses(PPL), contact lenses(CL).

It has a measuring unit and display unit, and a printer unit (optional) on the right side. The measuring unit is comprised of a Nosepiece, a Lens Table, a Lens Holder, a cushion framework and a Lens Markr. Below the Nosepiece, there is also a Read Button for recording measured data and a Nose Slider on the Lens Table for measuring Pupil Distance (PD) of spectacles. The display unit utilizes a full-Graphic LCD, displaying measured values of right-eye and left eye lenses at one time, show the function of buttons by diagram and graphically show the point of the lens, and the changeable degrees of PPL. In a word the top focus degree and prism degree of eyeglass lenses and cornea screen lenses, orient the axial direction of prism, locate and mark the center and a axis of the rough lens. It can also be used to check whether the glass is installed properly and measure the penetration ratio of purple light.



1. Sphere: 0 to ±25D (0.01D/0.12D/0.25D steps)
  • when ( -5D   • when ( -10D   • when ( -15D   • when ( -20D   • when ( range +20D), accuracy  ±0.25
Cylinder: 0 to ±10D (0.01D/0.12D/0.25D steps)
Axis: 0° to 180° (1° step), accuracy ±1°
ADD: 0 to 10D (0.01D/0.12D/0.25D steps)
Prism: 0 to 10Δ (0.01Δ/0.12Δ/0.25Δ steps)
  • when ( 0Δ   • when ( 5Δ

2. Cylinder mode: MIX / + / -

3. Prism mode:
  • X-Y: Cartesian Coordinates H: I, O; V: U, D.
  • P-B: Polar Coordinates
  • mm: mm expression

4. Reading resolving power: 0.01D

5. PD Measuring

6. Measure single vision lens, bifocal lens, trifocal lens and progressive power lens, etc.

7. Contact Lens Type: hard and soft contact lens.

8. Measurable transmissivity: >10%; >20% at ±10D and over

9. Contact lenses: 0 to ±25D, BC 6.00 to 9.00

10. Display: 5.7 TFT LCD

11. Menu: Readable diagram, easy operation

12. Lens diameter: 20mm-100mm

13. Power source: AC100(±10%)~240(±10%)V 50/60HZ 40VA

14. Power consumption: 40W

15. Weight: 4kg

16. Dimensions: 200*420*290(W*H*D)

17. Environmental condition
  a. Temperature: 5-40°C (in usage)
  b. Humidity: 30-85% (non-condensing)(in usage)
  c. Atmospheric pressure: 700-1060hpa
  d. Altitude: up to 2000m
  e. Others: no harmful dust or smoke

18. Optional Accessories

  a. Printer: built-in thermosensitive printer paper size: 57mm
  b. UV transmissivity check


Standard Accessories

  • Dust cover   1 pc
  • Spare fuses   2 pcs
  • Power cord   1 pc
  • Spare printer paper   2 pcs
  • Nosepiece for contact lenses   1 pc
  • Operator's manual   1 pc

Auto Lensmeter
Monitor Size 5.7" LCD
Operation Touch Screen
Screen Color True Color
Sphere Range +25D ~ 0D ~ -25D
Cylinder Range +10D ~ 0D ~ -10D
Prism Range 10 Delta
LED Lighting Source Green
Lens Diamter 20-108mm
UV Tester Yes
Printer Yes

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