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Manual Lensmeter D300 (No longer for sale)

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Manual Lensmeter D300 (No longer for sale)


 1. Wide field observation range
 2. LCD digital display
 3. LED lighting sourcing with low power and long term usage
 4.±25 Dpt measurement range

1.Range of measurement:
 Spherical lens:-25 Dpt~+25 Dpt
 Cylindrical lens:-9.99 Dpt~+9.99 Dpt
 Space of readings:0.01 Dpt, 0.06 Dpt, 0.12 Dpt, 0.25 Dpt
2. Astigmatism axis angle of cylindrical lens:
3. Prism degree:
Model A 0~5△ Increments :1△;
Model B (with prism compensator) 0~20△ Increments: 1△
4. Prism basal angle: 0~180°Increments:1° ; 180°~360°space of readings:5°
5. Range of ocular visibility adjustment: -5 Dpt~+5 Dpt
6. Size of measured lens: Φ16~Φ80mm
7.Overall dimensions:  320mm(L)×150mm(W)×450mm(H)
8. Weight: Model A  4.8kg
Model B (with prism compensator) 4.9kg

9. Lamp of illumination: Φ 5 super-lighting LED
10. Power supply: DC 6V/200mA
11. Power: 1.2W 


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