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All in Ophthalmic A/B Ultrasonic Scann 2000C

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All in Ophthalmic A/B Ultrasonic Scann 2000C

2000C: Main Machine + PC + Monitor + Wheel Chair - Large Volume,
Total weight: 60 kgs
Volume: 735*650*1015mm

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Probe:10MHz,red internal fixation LED
Review:A-scan measurements and statistics
IOLtable calculation:SRK-II,SRK/T,Hoffer-Q,Holladay,SCDK,Haigis
Measure:ACD,Lens,Vitreous,Axial length,and its Average
Information storage:Mass memory,Bulid-in case history
Memory:store 8scans

B-scan mode:60 degree mechanic sector scan
Detect depth:≥50 mm
Image storage:10 frames
Dynamic playback:100 frames
Accuracy:Axial 0.2mm,Laterral less than 0.5mm
Gray scale:Levels 256
Display mode:B,B+B,B+A
Image post processing:Brightness,Comparison,Smooth,Sharp,Gray,Stretch,Equallze,Etc.

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