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Direct Ophthalmoscope DM6G

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Direct Ophthalmoscope DM6G

Ophthalmoscope enable easy entry into undilated pupils for more accurate diagnoses, while two filter selections provide optimum light levels for entering healthy eyes and those with cataracts

>>Coaxial optics enables easy entry into undilated pupils through precise lamp filament and optical alignment.
>>3.5V Halogen lamp provides light output for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination.
28 lenses from 0D, ±1D, ±2D, ±3D, ±4D, ±5D, ±6D, ±7D, ±8D, ±9D, ±10D, ±12D, ±15D, ±20D, -25D, +40D.
>>18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility

Type Wall Mount
Light Source Halogen
Rechargeable AC Needed
Diopter Compensation 28 Lens
Aperture 6
Certificate FDA CE
Grade Medical

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