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Portable Slit Lamp P3000

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Portable Slit Lamp P3000


● Ergonomic in design, lightweight and easy to use
● Yellow emitting light - protect patient's eye during exam
● Economic - Single aperture 10mm
● Digital Camera compatible rechargeable battery


Model Type P3000
Microscope Type Converging Stereoscopic
Objective Magnification 1X
Total Magnification 10X / 16X
Eyepieces 10X / 16X
Diopter compensation ±7.0D
Light Spot Diameter Ø10.0mm
Pupil Distance Range Eyepieces 10X: 50 -75mm
  Eyepieces 16X: 55 -70mm
Working distance 78.0mm
Slit Width 0.0 to 10.0mm
  Continuously adjustable
Slit Height 10.0mm
Slit Angle ±30°
Filters Color temperature conversion filter, 
  Red-free,Grey, Cobalt blue
Illumination Yellow LED, 3.0 -3.6V / 3W 120mAh
  Lithium Battery Pack
Power supply 7.4V / 680mAh
Input Voltage 18W
Weight Slit lamp 750g
Input  Voltage Charger AC110-240, 50/60Hz.
Output Voltage Charger DC 8.4V / 600mA
Working Time ( Fully charged ) 2 hours
Aluminium Carry Case Standard
Dimensions 16.0 * 11.0 * 23.0cm
Gross Weight 4.0Kg

Electric and Storage

● Standard accessories: Carrying case(1 pc), Battery charger(1 pc), Battery1 pc),Diopter adjustment bar(1 pc), Forehead support(1 pc), Instruction manual(1 pc)
● Operating temperature and humidity: 10~35°C 45~85%RH
● Transport temperature and humidity: 0~40°C 20~85%RH
● Storage temperature and humidity: 0~40°C 20~85%RH
● Dimension: 159mm(W) X 107mm(D) X 231MM(H)
● Net Weight: 0.75kg
● Grass Weight: 1.8kg
● Type of protection against electric shock: Internal Battery type
● Degree of protection against electric shock: Type B

Portable Slit Lamp
Magnification Steps 10X, 16X
Diopter Adjustment ±7.0D
Aperture Diameter/Slit Height Ø10.0mm
Max. Aperture Ø10.0mm
Object Lens Switch No
LED Emitting Color Yellow
Continous Working Time 4 Hours
Handle Trigger Shot No

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