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Portable Slit Lamp LYL-S

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Portable Slit Lamp LYL-S

LYL-S Portable slit lamp microscope is a professional hand held diagnostic slit lamp for examination of anterior, corneal surface of the patient's eye, is lightweight and easy to carry and the two rechargeable Lithium Battery Packs, each with a working time of two hours. The LYL-S is presented in a handy carry case.


Excellent optical system, cordless and rechargeable and ideal for mobile, outdoor eye examination.
● High quality imported optical lenses, to assure high clearance and brightness
● Quality Optical Lenses with anti-reflection, moisture-proof and mildew-proof coating
● LYL-S Hand held, Lightweight, Easy to Use and available at a cost-effective price



Model Type LYL-S
Microscope Type Converging Stereoscopic
Objective Magnification 1X
Total Magnification 10X / 16X
Eyepieces 10X / 16X
Diopter compensation ±7.0D
Light Spot Diameter Ø1.0, Ø3.0, Ø5.0, Ø10.0mm
Pupil Distance Range Eyepieces 10X: 45 -70mm
  Eyepieces 16X: 48 -70mm
Working distance 86.5mm
Slit Width 0.0 to 10.0mm
  Continuously adjustable
Slit Height 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0mm
Slit Angle ±30°
Filters Heat absorption, Red-free,
  Grey, Cobalt blue
Illumination White LED, 3.0 -3.6V / 3W 120mAh, 
  Lithium Battery Pack
Power supply 7.2V / 750mAh
Input Voltage 18W
Weight Slit lamp 750g
Input  Voltage Charger AC110-240, 50/60Hz.
Output Voltage Charger DC 12V / 500mA
Working Time ( Fully charged ) 3 hours
Aluminium Carry Case Standard
Dimensions 40.0 * 22.0 * 23.0cm
Gross Weight 4.0Kg

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories
● Head-rest rack
● Diopter adjustment lever
● Eyepieces 10X / 16X
● Battery Charger
● Rechargeable Power packs
● Aluminium carry case

2 each


Portable Slit Lamp
Magnification Steps 10X, 16X
Diopter Adjustment ±7.0D
Aperture Diameter/Slit Height Ø1.0, Ø3.0, Ø5.0, Ø10.0mm
Max. Aperture Ø10.0mm
Object Lens Switch No
LED Emitting Color White
Continous Working Time 3 Hours
Handle Trigger Shot No

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