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Digital Phoropter CV7000

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Digital Phoropter CV7000


Sphere: -29.00D~+26.75D
Icrements: 0.12D/0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D;

Cylinder: -8.75D~+8.75D
Icrements: 0.25D;

Axis angle: 0~180°
Icrements: 1°/5°steps

Pupillary Distance
Distant range: 48~80mm, Icrements: 0.5/1mm
Close range: 50~70mm, Icrements: 0.5/1mm steps

Rotary Prism: 0~20△
Icrements: 0.1 /0.5 /1.0△

Cross Cylinder Lens: ±0.25D/±0.50D

Plane Retinoscope: +1.50D(67cm) +2.00D(50cm)

Auxiliary Lens
PH Binoculus(¢=1.0mm)
RL(Right eye)、GL(Left eye)
Polaroid(Right eye 135°/45°; Left eye 45°/135°)
Prism(Right 6△BU ,Left 10△BI)
Cross Cylinder Lens (±0.50D Axis=90°)
PD Lens
Net Weight: 7.2Kg
Machine Size: 436mm×260mm×110mm
Keyboard Size: 246mm×205mm×185mm

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