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Manual Lensmeter L100 Internal Reading

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* Prism Compensator :

Manual Lensmeter L100 Internal Reading


1. ±25Dpt measurement range
2. Wide observation range
3. Inner Reading


Range of measurement: -25Dpt ~ +25Dpt
Increments:  -5D~ +5D:0.125D;  +5Dpt ~ +25Dpt.
Axis of cyl lens:  0 ~ 180° Minimum scale value 1°
Prism degree:
Model A (None Prism compesator): 0 ~ 5△;  Increments:  1△
Model B (with prism compensator): 0 ~ 20△; Increments: 1△
Prism basal angle: 0 ~ 180°Minimum scale value 1°

Ocular visibility: -5Dpt ~ +5Dpt
Size of measured lens: Φ16 ~ Φ80mm

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