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Retinoscopy Rack Set RS5R55W

Price: $170.00
Product Code: RS5R55W
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Retinoscopy Rack Set RS5R55W


Total 5 Racks
Rack one: 0.00D -0.25D -0.50D -0.75D -1.00D -1.25D -1.50D -1.75D -2.00D -2.50D -3.00D
Rack two: -3.50D -4.00D -5.00D -6.00D -7.00D -8.00D -10.0D -12.0D -14.0D -16.0D -18.0D

Rack Three: +0.25D +0.50D +0.75 +1.00D +1.25D +1.50D +1.75D +2.00D +2.25D +2.50D +2.75D
Rack Four: +3.00D +3.25D +3.50D +3.75D +4.00D +4.50D +5.00D +5.50D +6.00D +6.50D +7.00D
Rack Five: +8.00D +9.00D +10.0D +11.0D +12.0D +13.0D +14.0D +16.0D +18.0D +20.0D +22.0D

Wooden Carrying Case Makes More Professional


Ret Rack Set
Lens Material Glasses
Handle Material Wooden
Diopters Q'ty 55 DS
Paddle/Rack Rack
Slit Lamp
Aperture Diameter 10mm

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