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Pocket Slit Lamp S150

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Pocket Slit Lamp S150


  • Ultra-portable: The ultra-portable Model S150 is an excellent diagnostic instrument for examination of anterior segment structures and ocular abnormalities. Its easy-tooperate optical system produces a high-brightness, continuously adjustable slit image ideal for pediatric and geriatric setting, emergency department screenings, ward rounds, bedside examination, post-op evaluations and mission work.
  • LED illumination: S150 is the first and the only Portable Slit Lamp in the world applying LED illumination system. The most prominent advantage of our LED illumination system gives examiner the clearest image without glare.
  • Comfortable using evperience: The low heat radiation from our LED lamp makes the most comfortable examine experience for the patient.
  • Sharpest Slit: With the blade imaging system S150 gives equally sharpest slit as the best classic slit lamp in the world.
  • No need to replace illumination lamp: The LED lamp used in PSL310 Portable Slit Lamp is rated 20,000 hours at full power. Its life time is almost 10 times longer than normal Halogen lamp.
  • Power-saving: S150 are with long durability of low battery consumer.


Total Magnifications: 5X
Slit Width: 0.2-11mm
Slit Height: 5-11mm
Working Distance: 12-32mm
Lighting Source: LED 3.3V/1W
Durability: 3 hrs


Portable Slit Lamp
Magnification Steps 5X
Diopter Adjustment No Eyepiece
Aperture Diameter/Slit Height Ø11.0mm
Max. Aperture Ø11.0mm
Object Lens Switch No
LED Emitting Color White
Continous Working Time 3 Hours
Handle Trigger Shot No

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