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Slider Pupilometer PD6

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Slider Pupilometer PD6

1. Operates by aligning luminous points on the pupils with the measuring line.
2. Results are displayed digitally.
3. Measurements are given: Right, Right + Left, Left.
4. Results are accurate to within 0.25mm.
5. Automatically switches OFF one minute after operation is completed.
6. Vertex distance can also measured.
Method of measurement: Cornea reflection light coincidence method.
Range of measurement: Binocular PD: 48mm~77mm Monocular PD: 24mm~38.5mm
Increments: 0.5mm
Working distance measuring grades: 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 50cm, 65cm, 1m, 2m, infinity
Power Supply: 4.5V DC(SUM3 batteries X 3)
Dimensions: 155(W) X 255(D) X 55(H) mm
Weight: 700g


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