Auto Refractormeter

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General Details


Range and measurement:
Sphere: -20~+20D(VD=12mm) 0.25D step
Cylinder: -8~+8D 0.25D step
Axis: 0°~180°(1° step)
Pupil Distance: 45~88 mm 1mm steps
Vertex Distance:0mm, 12mm, 13.75 mm
Min. pupil diameter measurable: 2.0mm

Keratometer measurement:

Radius of curvature: 5~10mm(0.01mm)
Corneal Refraction: 33.75~67.50D(When comer equivalent refractive index is 1.337) (increment selectable from 0.12,0.25D)
Corneal Astigmatism: 0.0~-8.00D(increment selectable from 0.12/0.25D)
Angle of corneal: 1°~180°(increment 1°)
Corneal diameter: 2.0~14.00mm (increment 0.1mm)
Memory of data: 10 Measure value for each right and left eye

Hardware specification:

Chart: Follow-up colorful fogging chart system
Monitor: 5.7-7 inch TFT LCD
Printer: Fast thermal printer


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