Eyeball model


The training eye is designed to help students acquire the skill of performing retinoscopy, and instructors a means to evaluate that skill.

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  • Retina pattern has accurate colour rendition with the physical dimension matching focal length ratio
  • Ametropia (-5.00D to +4.00D) ,You can put any power on it to train,inculding the cylinder lens .
  • 3 levels of difficulty with change in the pupil size (3, 5, 7mm) ,Switchable by simulation of small, general and mydriatic pupil
  • 3 layers of arc walls for refraction lenses or setting of different degrees of astigmatism and axial cylinder
  • Degree of astigmatism axial angle disk is 0~180°
  • Flexible stand with height adjustment

Material: plastic and metal Size: 130x80x80mm


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