Trial Frame


An adjustable frame that holds trial lenses used during retinoscopy or refraction tests on the eye. 2 main kind of Trial frames: PD fixed trial frames and Adjustable trial frame both them with axis routation disc to measure the astigmatism axis and several lens holders.

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1) pupil distance adjustment range: the binocular pupil distance 48~80mm; the left or right pupil distance is 24~40mm; the minimum scale value is 1mm.
2)the dial axis position scale: the left indexing disk is 130〫~0〫~120〫, the right indexing disk is 50〫~180〫~60〫, the axial-position scale is increasedin the counterclockwise direction along the axis of the frame, The scoring interval is 5〫.
3)effective internal aperture of mirror frame: 33.5mm.
4)When the left or right frame is used, the number of lenses can be inserted: 5 pieces(front 3 and back 2).
5)The degree of rotation of the lens in the inner ring of the frame about the optical axis is 360°.
6)Non-parallelism of the optical axis of the lens and the geometric axis of the frame ≤2.5°.
7) Different concentricity of the optical center of the lens and the geometric center: not less than 0. 5mm.
8)Displacement of the lens with respect to the position of the geometric center of the frame: not less than 0.3mm.
9)Nasal support adjustment range: adjustable length: 0-25mm; angle: 360〫.
10)Adjustable length of left or right feet: 0-30 mm. 11)weight: 50g.