Disposable Stopcocks are made of medical grade polycarbonate, polyurethane and high-density polyethylene. It consists of the base, rotary core, lock fittings, protection cap and multiply-connected plates.

Drainage Catheter

The Disposable Drainage Catheter is single-use medical device for seroperitoneum drainage using the seldinger percutaneous catheter placement technology.

Endotracheal Catheter

Endotracheal Tube is single-use for tracheal intubation and anesthesia for medical departments in clinical emergency. It can provide the best conditions for airway patency, simultaneous oxygen supply, respiratory tract suction and prevent accidental aspiration

Central Venous Catheter

The clinical benefit of the use of CVC’s must be evaluated against the recognized risks and complications of the procedure which include but are not limited to: Infection, necrosis of the puncture point, Thrombus,Pheumothorax, Bleeding/hematoma, Arterial puncture, Air embolism, Hemothorax, Cardiac arrhythmia, Occlusion