Eyeball model

The training eye is designed to help students acquire the skill of performing retinoscopy, and instructors a means to evaluate that skill.


3W LED lighting, uniform and sortful light distribution compactible working while charging.Adjustable Light Spot, Universal Loupes Adapter avaliable.

Trial Frame

An adjustable frame that holds trial lenses used during retinoscopy or refraction tests on the eye. 2 main kind of Trial frames: PD fixed trial frames and Adjustable trial frame both them with axis routation disc to measure the astigmatism axis and several lens holders.

Trial Lens Set

Trial Lens set or Trial Lens Kit Mainly consists of positive and negative sphere lens, positive and negative cylinder lens, prism lens and accessory lens etc.

Eye chart

A chart that is read from a fixed distance; used as measure visual acuity. they are just one part of a complete eye exam.Vision tests check many different functions of the eye.

Auto Lensmeter

A auto lensmeter or lensometer, also known as a focimeter, dioptrimeter is an ophthalmic instrument. It is mainly used by optometrists and opticians to verify the correct prescription in a pair of eyeglasses, to properly orient and mark uncut lenses, and to confirm the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames.

Chart Projectors

Auto optometry system Chart Projector provides the convenient and effective measurement environment with sharp, clear projection.

Confirmation Testers

Auxiliary Lens & Prisms,