Funds Cameras

Funds Camera with Fundus Fluorescent Angiography

Pen Light

A diagnostic penlight illuminates a person’s ears, eyes and throat. It accurately measures the pupil size and response time. Whether you are a full-time physician or part-time assistant, they are an important item to carry at all times. These penlights are small and lightweight and comfortably fit inside a shirt pocket for easy access.

Portable/Pocket Slit Lamp

The slit lamp is an instrument consisting of a high-intensity light source that can be focused to shine a thin sheet of light into the eye. It is used in conjunction with a biomicroscope.


The product is designed on the principle basis of Goldman tonometer.Three types are available: R and T Type are suitable for Haig Streit type slit lamp,while Z type is suitable for Carl Zeiss type slit lamp.

ABP Ultrasonic

Determing which A-scan product would be useful for your practice can be daunting and many boast extra features, or combined uses such as A-scan/Pachymeters or A-scan/B-scan. Choose your vendor wisely and be sure they offer some form of customer service for training and implementation.

Slit Lamp

A slit lamp is a microscope with a bright light used during an eye exam. It gives your ophthalmologist a closer look at the different structures at the front of the eye and inside the eye. It’s a key tool in determining the health of your eyes and detecting eye disease.


Designed For Quick Ophthalmoscopes Purpose, For more Ophthalmoscopes

Trial Frames

PD fixed trial frames and Adjustable trial frame both them with axis routation disc to measure the astigmatism axis and several lens holders.

Retinoscopy Rack Set

Designed For Quick retinoscopy Purpose, For more Ret Rack Sets