Auto Phoropter

An auto phoropter is an instrument commonly used by eye care professionals during an eye examination by auto lens rotation to match paitent's eye diopter error

General Details

A. Measuring Range:

1. SPH: 0.00D ~ -19.00D(-0.25D),+0.25D ~ +16.50D(+0.25D)

2. CYL: 0.00D ~ -8.75D(-0.25D

3. AXIS: 0°~ 180°(1°5°)

4. P.D: 48mm ~ 80mm

B. Auxiliary Lenses:

1. Occluder

2. P.D check

3. Pinhole(1mm)

4. Polarizing: right eye 135°,left eye 45°

5. Red/Green Filters(right eye: red, left eye: green)

6. Maddox Rod: Right eye red horizontal/vertical, Left eye white vertical/horizontal

7. Dissolution prism: Right eye 6 B/U, Left eye 10 B/I

8. Fixed Cross Cylinder±0.50D

9. Retinoscope+1.50D

C. Auto Cross Cylinder Lens: ±0.25D

D. Rotary Prism: 0~20(0.5)

E. Instant Sphere, Cyl and Axis Input

F. L/R eye Blance Tests

G. LCD, projector Chart under Selection

H. Polarize Test

I. Control Panel: Touch

J. Monitor: 10.2″ LCD

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