Vision Testers

A phoropter or refractor is an ophthalmic testing device. It is commonly used by eye care professionals during an eye examination

General Details

■Sphere power: Range: +16.75 to -19.00D
Step: 0.25D
■Cylinder power: Range: 0.00D to -6.00D
(0.00D to 8.00D with additional lens of-2.00D)
Step: 0.25D
■Cylinder axis: 0 to 180°, 5°steps
■Cross Cylinder: ±25 diopters
■Cross-cylinder lens: ±0.25D
■Rotary prisms: 0△ to 20△,1△ steps
■Auxiliary lens dial: [O] -Open aperture (two positions)
[R] -Retinoscopic lens,+1.50D
[P] -Polarizing lens,(45°left eye,135°right eye)
[WMV] or [RMV] -Maddox rod,vertical
white — left eye
Red — right eye
[WMH] or [RMH] -Maddox rod,horizontal
white – left eye
Red – right eye
[GL] – Green Lens
[RL] -red Lens
[+.12] – +0.12D Sphere
[PH] – Pin hole
[10△I] or [6△U] -10△ base-in-left eye
6△ base-up-right eye (Dissociating prisms)
[±.50] -±0.50 fixed cross cyliner
[OC] – Occluder
■P.D.adjustment: 48-75mm,1mm steps
■Standard Accessory: One near point card with holder and rod,dust cover,face shield and case for lenses.
■Standard Accessory lens: Two-.12D and -2.00 cylinder lenses. Two plano lenses for sealing front opening

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