Eye Muscle Movement

Ocular Motility Simulator

The ocular motility exam can be a simple yet profoundly important part of the ophthalmic exam. Six extraocular muscles act to move the eye up/down, left/right and intort/excyclotort.

Nine Positions Of Gaze

The nine gazes are: straight ahead, left, right, straight up, up and to the left, up and to the right, straight down, down and to the left, down and to the right.

Muscle Pathology Simulator

Muscle pathology findings can provide a considerable amount of information about the pathological processes causing muscle weakness.

Medial Rectus

Medial rectus muscle Origin and insertion. Medial rectus is the shortest but strongest of the four recti.

Lateral Rectus

The lateral rectus muscle is one of the six eye muscles that control eye movement. The lateral rectus muscle mainly acts to pull the eye in the outward direction, keeping the eye in the center away from the nose or to pull the eye outward, toward the temple.

Inferior Oblique

The inferior oblique muscle or obliquus oculi inferior is a thin, narrow muscle placed near the anterior margin of the floor of the orbit.