Rotating Ocular Orbit

The bony orbit is a quadrangular truncated pyramids situated between the anterior cranial fossa above and maxillary sinus below.

Primary Visual Cortex

The visual cortex of the brain is the area of the cerebral cortex that processes visual information. It is located in the occipital lobe.


The eye socket, or orbit, is the bony cup surrounding your eye. Seven different bones make up the socket.

Optic Pathways

The optic pathway includes the retina, optic nerve, optic chiasm, optic radiations, and occipital cortex (see figure Higher visual pathways ).

Lid Eversion

Eyelid eversion is used to expose the superior palpebral conjunctiva and fornix, so that foreign matter can be identified in these areas.

Lacrimal System

The lacrimal system comprises of a series of anatomical structures with specific physiologic properties.


It is vitally important that the front surface of the eyeball, the cornea, remain moist. This is achieved by the eyelids, which during waking hours sweep the secretions of the lacrimal apparatus and other glands over the surface at regular intervals and which during sleep cover the eyes and prevent evaporation.

Eye General View

The eyeball is not a simple sphere but can be viewed as the result of fusing a small portion of a small, strongly curved sphere with a large portion of a large, not so strongly curved sphere. 


The eyeball is a bilateral and spherical organ, which houses the structures responsible for vision. It lies in a bony cavity within the facial skeleton – known as the bony orbit.